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Integrated System  Outline of a variety of facility construction works
Renewal Work    
  Because of today's rapidly changing social conditions, renewals and renovations of office buildings and other architectural environments have become very popular. Newer, better functionality is demanded of buildings including the benefits afforded by the latest technologies for energy conservation and cost reduction. At DAI-DAN, aggressive research and development is undertaken for improving and renewing building facilities. We approach these activities from belief that such facilities represent the vital organs of a building. Therefore, we believe that proper maintenance and care are essential for buildings to ensure their long-running viability.
@Over our long history, we have amassed strong technological expertise in electrical, air conditioning, plumbing and sanitary systems. Furthermore, we have learned to coordinate such technologies as integrated systems for providing comprehensive creation and care of efficient and amenable building environments.

Original diagnostic techniques for comprehensive check-ups of building facilities
Precise planning is the most important aspect of any building renewal project. Not only is it necessary to diagnose the existing facilities but also determine what would be needed in the future. Naturally, it is also essential to comprehensively evaluate many other factors such as the type of business, worker population and physical location. To accommodate such diverse requirement, Dai-Dan created original diagnostic techniques. Using them, Dai-Dan can propose optimal renewal plans matched to individual customer requirements. We also provide through consultation services for office planning such as laying out working environment for efficient and amenable heating and lighting.

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Low raised floor type air distribution system
Innovative low raised floor type air distribution system facilitates modernization of office environments.
The low raised floor type air distribution system is Dai-Dan's latest achievement that is born from many years of research and development of renewal techniques. Within a space of just 7 cm height, an under-floor air conditioning system and advanced utility system are housed. Without sacrificing existing interior spaces, it is possible to modernize building environments as intelligent offices. By coordinating the under-floor air conditioning system with existing ceiling systems, pleasant ambient conditions can be consistently provided throughout the year. Furthermore, this system can be easily installed without major, disruptive renovations for easily attaining high quality and superior amenity. Because of these outstanding benefits, the low raised floor type air distribution system can be considered one that opens new possibilities for renewing offices.
Dai-Dan combines our own experience with latest technology to develop a better performance "Renewal" System. With our "Renewal" Technology, we will create a new environment.
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