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ARAPACWashable Packaged Air ConditionerFrequently Asked Questions
Q1. Are there any other variations of ARAPAC?

A1. There is an only one type. It is floor mounted type with 10-horsepower .

Q2. How to determine the size of drainage pipe for ARAPAC?

A2.The size of drainage pipe should be 100mm or more diameter in order to prevent clogging of solid powder.

Q3. Are any maintenance works on manual required?

A3. Yes. Washing inside regularly is required except cooling/heating coil which is washed by automatic
   washing system.

Q4. Is “Drainage Pump-up Device” available to use?

A4. No. It may be malfunctioned by clogging, because of drain-water contained solid materials.

Q5. How many sets of washing water pumps and tanks are required for more than
   one ARAPAC units?

A5. One set only. It controls to wash itself by automatically one by one.

Q6. Are no filters used on ARAPAC?

A6. No air filters are required. It is one of biggest feature of ARAPAC, means easy maintenance and
   saving cost.

Q7. May only one ARAPAC installed be sufficient?

A7. No. In principle, in the case of 24-hour operation, the system consists of two or more units in total
   ( one or more unit for entire load required + one additional unit) and maintains cooling/heating
   capacity even while washing the units one by one.

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