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ARAPACWashable Packaged Air ConditionerOverview
Needs for ARAPAC
      Production lines for bread, noodle, or other foods scatter powders anywhere in factories.
     Those powders even go into coils of air conditioners. It makes air conditioners drop cooling and
     heating capacity as well as get moldy inside. To install filters may help, but to change them so
     often should be required.
     Dai-Dan’s ARAPAC solves all for you !
Features and effects of ARAPAC
Supply clean air constantly−ARAPAC can wash itself regularly
Saving Energy−ARAPAC can keep high efficiency coil (Heat exchanger) without powder caked
Easy maintenance−ARAPAC has no filters
Long life−ARAPAC always maintains clean coil by itself
Main Applications
Bread making, noodle making, flour milling, and confectionery factories.
Factories with measuring/forming rooms where dry powder is used.
A Name of equipment Air-cooled, heat pump packaged air conditioner
Type Floor mounted type
Compressor 2.2+4.5kW (10-horsepower)
Washing method Timer-controlled automatic washing with high-pressure water spray
Cooling capacity (kW) 28
Heating capacity (kW) 31.5
Width (mm) 1,180
Depth (mm) 510
Height (mm) 1,640
Airflow rate (m3/min) 73
Power supply 3-phase 200V
Power consumption (kW) 8.69
Weight (kg) 190
Outer casing Hot-dip galvanized steel sheets
Type of refrigerant Copper fin and pipe with 2.1-mm fin pitch
Specification of coil 3-phase 200V
Washing water flow (l/min) 26
Min. washing water pressure (MPa) 0.2
Accessories Control panel,3 x Motorized valve,Outdoor unit
Other associated works required Washing water tank,Washing water pump,
Feed water/drain/refrigerant piping,Power supply work, and Instrumentation
Delivery 2 months
* Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

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