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ARAPAC/ Automatic Internal Washing Type Packaged Air Conditioner/Examples
Construction example: 9 units of AWD-5 at a bread making factory
Power supply for indoor and outdoor units.
Wiring between the washing water pump/drying fan and the indoor unit control box, and between the indoor operation panel and the indoor unit control box.
Indoor air is used for the drying air (supply air) because minimum 1000CMH positive pressure is attained under normal air conditioning.
(Drying is accelerated and duct length is reduced.)
This system consists of 9 units in total (8 ? 5-HP units for indoor load + 1 unit stopping for washing) to cope with 24-hour operation and maintains cooling/heating capacity even while washing the units one by one.
This system uses washing ports and transparent PVC pipes in many places in the drain piping for easy checkup and risk elimination.
Since the drain piping also serves as ventilation, TY joints for drainage are used for upper connection between each ARAPAC unit and the 100A main pipe.
To prepare for periodical checks and washing inside the ceiling, water outlet and receptacles are provided near each ARAPAC unit.

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