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Integrated System
We at DAI-DAN is an integrated systems company incorporating three divisions, Electrical, Air Conditioning and plumbing & Sanitary and, further, having an integrated technology to make them reflective each other to great advance.
  DAI-DAN utilizes respective facilities not individually but in a combination as a single system, thus enabling them to demonstrate the functions in an organic manner. As a result, the company accomplishes reductions in running costs and savings in labor for the management, in addition to an increase in efficiency of construction work, which lead to the creation of new comfort through sophisticated functions. Furthermore, in the fields of disaster prevention, security, and monitoring systems, the company provides cutting-edge facility technologies.

Looking into building facilities from various aspects, DAI-DAN hones the individual technology to the perfection and, at the same time, performs total control on it. We at DAI-DAN are aiming to provide environments for the next generation.

Outline of a variety of facility construction works
  Electrical facility workAir conditioning facility workPlumbing & Sanitary facility workRenewal workSystem work

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