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Integrated System  Outline of a variety of facility construction works
Air Conditioning Facility Construction Work    
  Amenable environments are founded on a balanced combination of temperature, humidity and clean air. The air conditioning crew creates soothing atmosphere matched to the subtle sensibilities of people. DAI-DAN's air conditioning engineers draw upon the Company's accumulated wealth of know-how to devise efficient and effective air conditioning systems that are preciously tailored to individual buildings. By incorporating the latest fuzzy logic control systems, we have attained both high amenity for people and conservation of energy.

Air-conditioning systems
Air conditioning systems, mechanical ventilation systems, heat source equipment & systems, air filtration systems, ducting & piping systems

Smoke control & systems
Smoke exhaust systems, pressurization systems

Automatic systems
Control panel systems, integrated automatic control systems

Travelling systems
Lift systems, goods handling systems

Specialized air-conditioning systems
Clean room systems, constant temperature & humidity control systems, cold storage systems, solar energy systems, industrial environmental control systems, plant piping systems, various laboratory environmental control systems
Banquet hall illumination
Cooling tower
Banquet hall illumination
Clean room
Banquet hall illumination
Absorption type chillers
Banquet hall illumination
High pressure boilers
Banquet hall illumination
Kansai International Airport Passenger Terminal Building
Electrical Facility Construction WorkAir Conditioning Facility Construction Work
Plumbing & Sanitary Facility Construction WorkRenewal Work
System Construction WorkBACK

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