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Integrated System  Outline of a variety of facility construction works
Plumbing & Sanitary Facility Construction Work    
  Water is not a limitless resource. Therefore convenience alone is not enough. DAI-DAN's plumbing & sanitation engineers undertake the development of purification systems, pollution prevention facilities, water recycling and fire protection systems

Utility supply systems
Hot and cold water supply systems, gas supply systems, sanitary fixture systems, well sinking, water treatment systems

Disposal systems
Installation for waste & drainage systems, factory waste water treatment systems, central sewage systems, incineration systems

Factory piping systems
Plant piping systems, factory utility systems

Fire protection systems
Installation for fire hydrants, hose reel systems, sprinkler systems, other special fire extinguishing systems

Special plumbing and sanitary systems
Installation of unit type plumbing & sanitary fixture systems, kitchen & laundry systems, central vacuum cleaning systems, special piping system for medical facilities and laboratories, aquarium systems, swimming pool systems, water fountain systems
Banquet hall illumination
Hotel Bathroom
Banquet hall illumination
Water fountain
Banquet hall illumination
In-door swimming pool
Banquet hall illumination
Fire extinguisher pump
Banquet hall illumination
Aquarium water tank
Electrical Facility Construction WorkAir Conditioning Facility Construction Work
Plumbing & Sanitary Facility Construction WorkRenewal Work
System Construction WorkBACK

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