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Integrated System  Outline of a variety of facility construction works
Electrical Facility Construction Work    
  The information society evolves at incredible speed. DAI-DAN's electrical engineers@assemble systems for advanced information societies. By incorporating state-of-the-art control and monitoring technologies, we can provide systems with outstanding flexibility.

Power Supply Systems
Installation of power incoming systems, transforming systems, generator systems, central monitoring systems, main power distribution systems, power supply & control systems, lighting systems

Communication Systems
Installation of telephone & intercom systems, public address systems, indicators & clock systems, MATV & ITV systems, paging systems, parking control systems

Emergency Systems
Installation of auto fire alarm systems, smoke control systems, emergency lighting systems & socket outlet systems, emergency public address systems, telecommunication support systems

Installation of stage illumination & special sound effect systems, anti-lighting systems, integrated monitoring and control systems
Banquet hall illumination
Banquet hall illumination
Power incoming &

 transformer systems
Power incoming & transformer systems
Building automation control center
Building automation control center
Emergency generator
Emergency generator
Electrical Facility Construction WorkAir Conditioning Facility Construction Work
Plumbing & Sanitary Facility Construction WorkRenewal Work
System Construction WorkBACK

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