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Integrated System  Outline of a variety of facility construction works

Total Control
Light, Air and Water. An integrated technology, performing a total control of them.

Electrical Facility Construction Work
The advanced information society experiences evolution at an incredible speed. DAI-DAN creates flexible systems responding to the future society.

Air Conditioning Facility Construction Work
Comfortable environments grow out of sound temperature, humidity, and air. DAI-DAN produces comfort responding to the delicate sense of human being.

Plumbing & Sanitary Facility Construction Work
Water is also a limited resource, which cannot be merely a convenience. DAI-DAN offers global-environmental-friendly, and safe comfort.

Renewal Work
DAI-DAN breathes new life into buildings.

System Construction Work
Needs for facilities become increasingly diversified and sophisticated. DAI-DAN makes a total proposition about new comfort ahead of its time.

Electrical Facility Construction WorkAir Conditioning Facility Construction Work
Plumbing & Sanitary Facility Construction WorkRenewal Work
System Construction WorkBACK

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