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DANC Dai-Dan Active Noise Control System: Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What maintenance works are needed?
A1: DANC is an electric product unlike a passive noise reduction system. Therefore maintenance is needed for a microphone, speaker, controller and so on.
Annual maintenance is recommended. Too frequent maintenance is not needed.
In the maintenance work, check operation of the controller, parameters, and noise reduction, which will help to judge whether the parts have deteriorated.
Q2: What are the replacement intervals of the parts?
A2: Nominal life span of each of the DANC parts is as follows: 5 years for a microphone and a speaker, and 10 years for a controller. However those parts can be used for a longer time in actual use. Therefore we recommend to replace the parts when deterioration is found in the maintenance work.
For your reference, any of the parts is deemed deteriorated in 8 years now in our companyfs original durability test compared with the initial conditions.
Q3: What is a power consumption?
A3: Power is consumed to emit reverse-phase sound from the speaker. The power consumption varies based on the targeted noise but not more than 50 W.

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