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DANC Dai-Dan Active Noise Control System: Introduction Conditions
[Creation of Quiet Space]
This system is effective for clearing the severe noise specification needed for halls, studios, movie theaters, operation rooms and so on. The system works effectively if a long duct path cannot be prepared due to close location of the air conditioner and the corresponding room in particular.
The system is effective also in the general-purpose business building i.e., in the conference rooms or executive rooms where quietness is needed.
Noise generated in the clean rooms is bigger compared with normal rooms due to bigger airflow. The system can be an effective measure in order to provide quietness in those rooms.
[External Noise Control]
Noise is emitted through the ducts of plants or computer centers which take and discharge a large quantity of air. The system is effective to suppress influence of the noise to the neighborhood.
Large-scale retail stores need to care about influence of generated noise to the ambient environment. The system will work there if installed in the exhaust air ducts, for example.

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