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Experimental Animals Raising System: Introduction Accomplishments
No. Project Name Location Completion Month/Year  
1 Setsunan University, Pharmaceutical Sciences Studies Osaka March 1987 L (GLP compatible)
2 Tokyo Elderly Research Institute, Animal Raising Block Tokyo March 1990 L
3 Fujirebio, Inc., Hachioji Research Center Tokyo July 1990 F (GLP compatible)
4 Tokyo Medical College Tokyo July 1992 L
5 A Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., Kanagawa Research Center Kanagawa March 1994 L (GLP compatible)
6 Kyushu University, Medical Institute of Bioregulation Oita March 1994 V
7 Hoechst Japan Ltd., Experimental Animal Center Saitama March 1995 L
8 Nippon Sport Science University Kanagawa March 1995 V
9 Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Ikeda Research Laboratories Osaka July 1995 L (GLP compatible)
10 Tokyo Medical and Dental University Tokyo March 1997 V
11 Osaka University, Faculty of Medicine, School of Allied Health Science Osaka March 1997 LV
12 Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Public Health Kanagawa November 1997 V (GLP compatible)
13 Eisai Co., Ltd., Tsukuba Research Laboratories Ibaragi January 1999 L
14 Kinki Central Hospital Osaka July 1999 V
15 Aichi Cancer Center Aichi February 2000 L (Tg animal compatible)
16 Eisai Co., Ltd., Tsukuba Research Laboratories Ibaragi August 2000 L
17 Kyushu University, School of Dentistry Fukuoka August 2000 L
18 Kitasato Institute Tokyo February 2001 L
19 Kinki Central Hospital Osaka February 2001 V (Biohazard)
20 Eisai Co., Ltd., Tsukuba Research Laboratories Ibaragi July 2001 L
21 Kagawa Nutrition University Saitama August 2001 L
22 Kinki Central Hospital Osaka November 2001 V (Biohazard)
23 Aichi Cancer Center, Research Center Aichi January 2002 L
24 National Institute of Health Sciences Tokyo February 2002 V (??????)
25 National Institute of Genetics Shizuoka March 2003 L

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