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Flow Smart® (Power Saving System of Refrigeration Pump): Introduction Examples
Results of introduction to a certain factory (clean room system)

This section shows the results of introduction of the flow rate control system for refrigeration machine pump in 1992. Figure-8 shows the energy saving effect through the year of 1992, the first year of the introduction. This heat source is supplied chilled water on a 24-hour basis through the year and has three units of absorption-type refrigeration machines of 2,100 kW (600RT).
This system is designed to conduct the flow rate control of refrigeration machine pump in accordance with the heat load on the air conditioner side. Therefore, as a foregone conclusion, a higher level of energy saving effect is achieved at low-load operation in wintertime compared to that at peak-load operation in summertime. As the saving energy effect through the year, the power consumption could be cut by 57% to 753,000 kWh.
Furthermore, 10 years passed since this system was introduced. The system, however, has been achieving about the same energy saving effect.

Results of introduction to a certain office building
Figure-9 shows the results of introduction to a certain office building newly constructed in Hokkaido. This heat source is of four pipes system supplying chilled and hot water at the same time, and the cogeneration system of waste heat and hot water using refrigeration machine (210RT) and gas-fired chiller/hot water generator (240RT) is subject to control.
As a result, a higher level of energy saving effect is achieved at wintertime and summertime. Between seasons, the pump operating hours becomes longer and the level of effect becomes lower. The test run of this system was conducted mainly at heating loads and the adjustment of flow rate control for the refrigeration machine pump was conducted in summertime after getting up and starting the cooling load between seasons. Therefore, the figure shows the results of optimization of the control, thus representing the necessity of commissioning not only at the time of introduction but also after that.
As the saving energy effect, the power consumption could be cut by 64% to 252,000 kWh in eight months.

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