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Introduction Conditions

[Buildings, which have a high degree of effectiveness of the introduction]

gBuildings, the year-round operating hours of which are comparatively longh, such as factories, computer centers, and commercial facilities. In particular, if year-round cooling operation id conducted, the cost effectiveness can be maximized.
Even for buildings which take longer years to recover the investment due to the smaller size or shorter year-round operating hours, if priority should be given to global environmental problems, the Flow Smart® is able to reduce the environmental emissions positively.

[Buildings, which produce effect on some conditions]
Office buildings have shorter operating hours in general, thus requiring longer years to recover the investment. Depending on the size, operating hours, and load conditions, however, it is quite possible to introduce the Flow Smart® .
If the secondary side (air conditioner side) is of constant flow rate system (three way valve system), no Flow Smart® can be introduced. If the secondary side can be modified to two way valve system, the Flow Smart® will become applicable to the introduction.

[Heat source system disabling the introduction]
The Flow Smart® cannot be introduced to any system having air-cooled heat pump refrigeration machine (of reciprocating type).

[Other conditions]
The Flow Smart® is applicable to a maximum of four refrigeration machines for the heat source with primary and secondary pumps, or a maximum of three refrigeration machines for that with primary pump, both in standard configuration. For systems having refrigeration machines of any number of units other than those, DAI-DAN may respond to them. Please contact your representative or DAI-DAN.

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