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Infection Control Unit: Introduction Examples
Example of Modification to Negative-pressure Room (Installation Example of Infection Control Unit)
Provide an anteroom space at the doorway of the room to prevent air from flowing out of the room when operating the door.
Install an infection control unit to secure about 7 to 12 times of air circulation and ventilation, thus accomplishing a quick arrest of germs through the HEPA filter.
Provide a proper quantity of exhaust air to keep the room pressure negative.
Provide independent air supply and exhaust system to eliminate dispersion of germs through ducts.
Install high-performance filter in the exhaust system to allow no germs being discharged outside the hospital.
Airflow Simulation (For examination of the installation location of infection control unit)
Movement of germs in the room varies greatly with the positions of the air inlet and outlet.
Following figures show the simulation to keep track of the time-based movement of germs at three different installation positions of the infection control unit.
(Size of room: 2400 (W) x 4800 (L) x 2400 (H), Number of times of ventilation: 15 times, Air velocity: 0.15 m/s)

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