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Infection Control Unit: Specifications
Name INF-101 INF-102
  Infection control unit
Model INF-101 INF-102
Outside dimensions 1200W x 250L x 1400H 200W x 350L x 1940H
Airflow rate 800m3/h in high-level operation or 400m3/h in low-level operation 1600m3/h in high-level operation or 800m3/h in low-level operation
Air velocity 0.3m/s in high-level operation or 0.15m/s in low-level operation
Material of main unit Steel plate, finished with melamine paint coated and baked
Air outlet Perforated punching metal
(Main filter) HEPA filter (99.97% of 0.3-µm particles)
Air inlet (Pre-filter) Nylon nonwoven cloth (Efficiency: 65% in gravimetric method)
Noise level Maximum 40dB (A) (in low-level operation mode)
Operation panel Including High-/Low-level selector switch, hour meter, and differential pressure gauge (displays the differential pressure of HEPA filter)
Power consumption 300 W 600 W
Power supply 100 VAC x 1 x 15A
Spare parts Pre-filter for air inlet (one sheet)

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