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LOUCAS: Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is there a clean room which allows easy layout change?
LOUCAS can respond to any request at any time. Any change such as expansion and positional change is possible with ease.
Q: Raising the cleanliness of existing clean room has been delayed due to lack of the cost.
LOUCAS can save cost since it does not require modification of the whole plant. High cleanliness can be attained only in the designated area.
Q: How long does it take to complete construction of a clean room of high-level cleanliness?
With LOUCAS, construction and inspection finishes in about a week for about 12 areas.
Q: How about the fall of FFUs at the occurrence of earthquakes?
LOUCAS is very safe. Installation condition of FFUs is very stable and highly resistant against earthquakes because FFUs contact the supporting frames in a large area.
Q: Existing clean room does not allow an effective height to install a clean booth.
LOUCAS allows the working area up to 400 mm below the ceiling. In addition, improved workability can be attained inside the booth since the fluorescent lamps are flush with the HEPA-filter surfaces and aluminum frames.
Q: Does it take a large running cost to maintain a clean room of high cleanliness level?
Since LOUCAS realizes a local clean area and requires minimum power and cost.

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