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Heat Source Optimum Operation Support System: Overview
This System is used to present the operation program of heat source equipment and support the low-cost operation of an air-conditioning-use heat source plant, which consists of large-sized, multiple units of different models.
Conventional systems
A large-sized heat source system consists of heat source equipment such as two or more boilers, refrigerating machines, and others.
Normally, the ON-OFF and output control is conducted manually by a full-time operator while monitoring at all times or automatically in accordance with a predetermined time and sequence while monitoring the quantity of heat demanded for the heat source system.
On the conventional systems, there were many cases where individual equipment was operated at approximately 60% output of its original performance.
Furthermore, even on heat source equipment using the same type of energy (e.g. gas, electric power, and heavy oil), the relationship between input energy and output energy varies with the equipment.

In other words, if the combination of operating equipment differed, excessive energy might be consumed to produce the same quantity of cold/heat source.

Utilization of Heat Source Optimum Operation Support System
The heat source optimum support system satisfies loads demanded to the heat source and determines the ON-OFF and output conditions of the individual equipment through the optimum calculation in order to reduce to a minimum the costs of energy for the overall plant, thus outputting the conditions as support data.

Heat source operators and decision-makers of the operation policy are able to accomplish the operation of the system in lower costs through the operation of the equipment, in accordance with this support data.

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