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This product is for domestic sales only.

Hospitals have a high incidence of infection due to tuberculosis in these years!
DAI-DAN's sputum collection booth prevents airborne infection between patients and medical staffs during sputum collection.
Infection of tuberculosis germs and effect of sputum collection booth
Infection of tuberculosis germs occurs by sucking 1 to 4-?m droplet nuclei of tuberculosis germs coughed out by a tubercular patient and flying all around. Therefore, the elimination of infection path is essential for the prevention against infection of tuberculosis.
The following three points are important to take countermeasures against infection:
1) Suppress generation of droplets.
2) Eliminate droplet nuclei in the air.
3) Protect from suctioning droplet nuclei.
DAI-DAN's sputum collection booth prevents dispersal of droplet nuclei coughed out by a patient by keeping the pressure inside the booth negative. Furthermore, the HEPA filter installed in the booth eliminates the droplet nuclei floating inside the booth.

*Please be aware that DSB-01 has been discontinued.
Sputum Collection Booth: Specifications

Inside of Sputum Collection Booth

External Operation Panel
Name Specifications
Model DTB-01
Outside dimensions 1450 (W) x 900 (L) x 1900 (H)
Inside dimensions 1000 (W) x 800 (L) x 1680 (H)
Weight 300 kg
Airflow rate 360 m3/h
Main filter HEPA filter (99.97% of 0.3-µm particles)
Fan 6 m3/min.
  190/210W (50/60 Hz)
Air supply opening Perforated punching metal (with pre-filter equipped)
Air inlet Perforated punching metal (with pre-filter equipped)
Exhaust opening Aluminum grille
Lighting 20 W
Casing Steel sheet casing on castors
Table SUS punching metal (detachable)
Indoor receptacle 2 x 2P15AE (Max. 500W)
Operation panel (outside) Power supply lamp, ON/OFF switch, Switch for lighting during cleaning, Operating condition indicator
  Differential pressure gauge (indicating differential pressure of HEPA filter)
Operation panel (indoor) End button, Sputum collection step indicator
Power consumption 330W (excluding capacitance of inside plug outlet)
Power supply Single-phase 100 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5-m cable with a grounding receptacle
Option Chair, Antibacterial HEPA filter

Features of Sputum Collection Booth
No dissipation of tuberculosis germs coughed out by a patient.
Saliva is coughed out and diffuses inside the booth while collecting sputum of the patient inside the booth for the purpose of collection of tuberculosis germs.
This unit promptly catches flying germs with airflow diffused from the entire surface of the booth ceiling and sucked through the air inlet at the lower surface.
Germs in the air are completely collected through the HEPA filter and only clean air only is discharged outside.
No need to worry about the operation of the booth door due to After Clean.

Easy to move due to casters equipped.

All booths have been manufactured to order, thus achieving the manufacture according to the hospital's requirements. (Estimation is required on an as-needed basis.)

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