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Sputum Collection Booth: Introduction Conditions
1. For the standard booth, finished booth is delivered directly to the installation place. Therefore, pay attention to the route to transfer the booth to the installation site after receiving it at the designated delivery location.
Opening to move the booth in shall have a width of 900 mm or more and a height or 1900 mm or more. (Effective opening of a door or elevator)
A booth of 300 kg in weight is moved in on rolling casters. Therefore, there shall be no bumps (of 10 to 20 mm or more in height) in the passage.
* If the opening area is not large enough, the booth will be moved in a knockdown basis and assembled on site. (In this case, additional costs, and time and space for the assembly are needed.)

* If there are any bumps in the move-in route or any crane is needed to move in the booth, special costs will be additionally incurred for the transportation.

2. 100-VAC power supply receptacle (three way) should be provided nearby.

3. Maintenance areas of 600 mm or more should be provided respectively on the exhaust opening side and diffusion (upper) side of the booth.

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