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Multi-tank, Temperature Stratification Type of Heat Storage System: Overview

This Multi-tank, Temperature Stratification Type Heat Storage System provides a significantly improved usability of the water heat storage tank, compared to the conventional systems.
The temperature stratification type of heat storage tank offers an extremely high efficiency of utilization (*) of water up to 90% or more, compared to 50 to 60% utilization with the conventional tanks.
(*) Refers to water volume possible to be taken from gEfficiency of heat storage tankh,that is, gQuantity of heat possible to be stored in tank (Volume of heat storage water)h.The heat storage tank definitely produces a dead water region, from which no water can be taken, in terms of the structure. This Heat Storage System, however, enables vast amounts of dead water region.
Underground space of slabs partitioned with underground beams is used as the temperature stratification type of heat storage tanks with a high level of efficiency.
This system equalizes the amounts of heat storage and radiation water of each tank, thus making it possible to form the temperature stratification like the single tank type of systems, regardless of the provisions of multiple tanks.
It is recommended to introduce this system if you would like to install heat storage tanks but you are concerned about the capacity or installation space.
The structure is completely simple!! All you need to do for the use this system are to install gdistributors (round distributors)hto respective tanks for the uniform distribution of water and connect gcentralized header pipingh between the distributors.
At the design stage, DAI-DAN strives to minimize the piping diameter in simulation of water distribution amount. Furthermore, this system has no control mechanism, thus making it possible to accomplish cost cutting and maintenance-free operation.

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